I want to be unique to all the dances that I go to this year.
I’m making my homecoming dress, and I need some opinions.

1. I want to do a 1950s dress.
2. I also really want gloves…not sure why.
3. This is the pattern I found.
4. Possible fabric #1.
5. Possible fabric #2 (this would be with a red accent tie and stuff, and I’d probably wear red shoes!)

With the extra fabric I would want to make him a bow tie. =)

The fabric is affordable, the pattern is affordable and I have 3 amazing seamstresses all willing to make it for me.

Which fabric, any ideas?

What do you guys think?


I need someone to talk to…really badly…


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So at first I was all like,

"I’m going to post what I’m thinking right now on my tumblr."

Then I was all like,

"Its not about me. Thats selfish. I won’t put some crap in my (though few) followers dash."

So, what I’m basically saying is…

Just know that I would really like to talk to someone, and because of the situation…I can’t talk to anyone. But if anyone in lovely tumblr would like to chat, it would be saving my happiness at the moment.