I want to be unique to all the dances that I go to this year.
I’m making my homecoming dress, and I need some opinions.

1. I want to do a 1950s dress.
2. I also really want gloves…not sure why.
3. This is the pattern I found.
4. Possible fabric #1.
5. Possible fabric #2 (this would be with a red accent tie and stuff, and I’d probably wear red shoes!)

With the extra fabric I would want to make him a bow tie. =)

The fabric is affordable, the pattern is affordable and I have 3 amazing seamstresses all willing to make it for me.

Which fabric, any ideas?

What do you guys think?

Probably one of my top 3 movies.

I’m watching this tomorrow.

In a blanket fort.

With a cute boy.

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Simply happy. I feel all….

Mmmmm. =)

That date was wonderful. A walk in the snow with hot cocoa in our hands looking at stars and Christmas lights. 

I want to see him again, very very soon.

Oh and we held hands which was pretty bomb diggety too. I know I know…I’m silly.

Aah! So excited you have no idea.

This date is happening in approx. 35 minutes.


I just got asked out on a(n) <epic> date with a(n) <awesome> guy.