Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you…


I just want you to know that you are an incredible young lady. You have impacted my life so much and continue to teach me things about life and myself all the time. From the times that we have arguments to secrets that we share, I have grown so very much through it all.

You have been with me through some hard times and have been someone that among the tumult I can depend on to be there for me. Always. Regardless of the circumstances, unconditionally. Do you know how incredible that is? Not many people in this world can say that they have been devoted and loyal without blemish through 7 years with someone who was once a perfect stranger, and sometimes is not as good of a friend as she ought to be.

Thank you for helping me be who I am today and continuing to make me better all the time. You teach me so much and give me so much love without hesitation. You give me more than I could ever ask for. All I can say is thank you, and that isn’t enough.

This next year is going to be an adventure. Come with me, I couldn’t see me doing anything this next year without you.

You are exquisite, keep changing lives. I love you.


What a night.

I made Productions Company.

I am now in Theater Presidency.

I am in Vocal Ensemble.



I’m such an awkward person.

I’m not very good at talking to people, texting or with my voice unless I know the person well.

Even when I do know them well, I like to just sit with someone and be in their presence. I just don’t like talking a lot. When I do I always say weird things that no one will care to talk about but me.

I’m also very personal with my thoughts…I don’t like to share them with just anyone.

Why must I be so awkward? This is not socially acceptable.


I need someone to talk to…really badly…


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The little joys I find in life include peeling an orange in one piece.

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