Reoccurring Emotions

I’m so lonely. I always feel like this.

I don’t have any close friends. I wish I did.

I try to talk to people and hang out and stuff…but I’m so awkward. Whenever I go out of my way to say hi to someone I’m really actually pleading in my head,

"Okay…I’m no good at this small talk thing. But, I really want to be closer to you and be really good friends with you, because I think you’re exquisite. So…could we please just skip this awkward small talk and get to the part where we’re friends?"

What comes out…

"Hey. That shirt looks really good on you."

My face. =)

My face. =)

Following around in circles.

I don’t understand, and I have to say this…

I will not follow back 100%.

My followers are beautiful people and I so definitely appreciate that they want to follow what I post, thank you to all you wonderful people. =)

But, sometimes what others post just don’t fit my tastes and I usually follow people that I enjoy reading or that I will most likely be reblogging a whole lot.

So why is it that when people go and follow people they expect to get followed back…? No lie, I’m going to at least check your blog and see if I like what I see…

Bottom line, I will follow you if I like what you post. =)

Not to get more popular…

My face…

post, yea or nay?

Oooh pretty…

I have a pinterest.

Simply happy. I feel all….

Mmmmm. =)

That date was wonderful. A walk in the snow with hot cocoa in our hands looking at stars and Christmas lights. 

I want to see him again, very very soon.

Oh and we held hands which was pretty bomb diggety too. I know I know…I’m silly.

Aah! So excited you have no idea.

This date is happening in approx. 35 minutes.


I hate it how girls are wired in our brains to go crazy over one little mishap or one tiny word someone says to us, then read too much into it, and let that effect every other aspect of life and just freak out.

yup this is happening right now.

It’s okay, It will be okay. It will be great. It will be fine. I’m okay, I will get over it.