So I already knew that my crush didn’t like texting. But, I just found out that he just doesn’t respond to texts anymore…

Some of my favorite times with him are silly texting. The only one-on-one time that I ever get to talk to him…


Oh well. At least I know he’s a quality person that values real life relationships and wants to build those.

I just gave a solid audition. My day has been good. I’ve been so very excited for tomorrow!

So…why am I feeling sad for no reason whatsoever?

I hate it how girls are wired in our brains to go crazy over one little mishap or one tiny word someone says to us, then read too much into it, and let that effect every other aspect of life and just freak out.

yup this is happening right now.

It’s okay, It will be okay. It will be great. It will be fine. I’m okay, I will get over it.

I hate boys.

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So at first I was all like,

"I’m going to post what I’m thinking right now on my tumblr."

Then I was all like,

"Its not about me. Thats selfish. I won’t put some crap in my (though few) followers dash."

So, what I’m basically saying is…

Just know that I would really like to talk to someone, and because of the situation…I can’t talk to anyone. But if anyone in lovely tumblr would like to chat, it would be saving my happiness at the moment.



Tumblr, I’m relying on your abilities to spread this. This is someone’s suicide note basically. It was posted today and we have a chance to save her if we get it around to enough people SOMEONE is bound to know her and be able to help. SPREAD IT PLEASE. 

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