What a night.

I made Productions Company.

I am now in Theater Presidency.

I am in Vocal Ensemble.


(9 plays)

Quiet by Jonathan Reid Gealt performed by Natalie Weiss

This is what I’m singing for a very important audition coming up.

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Natalie Weiss – How to Return Home (2,015 plays)


How To Return Home as sung by Natalie Weiss

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I harmonize

I am known for almost never singing the melody in any song that I sing. Whether its in choir, or just in the car.

I’ve wondered why I do this, and I’ve realized that to harmonize you have to listen to possibilities of what the two sounds could sound like together. Its kind of sad really that though the harmony is there, not a lot of people notice it until it’s lacking.

To harmonize you have to be more sensitive.